Writing acronym slam

Like a good metaphor, a mnemonic can tie an abstract idea to a concrete one, making the unfamiliar familiar. There are acronym mnemonics: And FOIL for multiplying binomials.

Writing acronym slam

I discovered the Melbourne poetry scene about two years ago, on a train home to Coburg one night. I ran into Santo Cazzati on his way to read poetry in a pub in Brunswick. An entire world was opened up through one man mentioning the scene in passing and it amazed me that I had never come across any of it before.

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I had gone to festivals, literary events and book launches, but never knew that underneath Melbourne, there existed a world of poetry. One night, when I finally took Santo up on his invitation, I brought a neatly typed poem with me, in case I decided to read it. I imagined there might be ten people at most in a deserted pub and that it would all be over fairly quickly.

What happened quickly, though, was my addiction to the scene. I was hooked after reading that one poem. Among this Melbourne scene are slam poets akin to hip-hop artistsspoken-word artists, storytellers and poets who recite as if from a page.

Often, the poets try a bit of everything. After the Brunswick Hotel, evangelical poets pointed out other venues and poetry nights I could attend.


Individual poets put their own time and effort into organising regular nights, and one-off events or slams.

They are the ones who book the venues, find the performers and promote it to the scene through word-of-mouth or, more often now, Facebook. This underground, grassroots nature has benefits and weaknesses. There are rarely grants awarded for gigs, and a lot of events are free, so poets cannot compete, for instance, with the commercial postering in Melbourne that helps support the music scene.

Nor is poetry currently a mainstream cultural force in Australia. But I live in hope. In its current state, poetry in Melbourne allows for experimentation and to push political boundaries, something often lacking in mainstream culture.

The small size of the scene also gives a space for new voices to emerge. I like to think it can maintain these strengths without being condemned to obscurity. Besides, even in Melbourne, slam poetry — a kind of spoken word competition — is drawing bigger and bigger crowds.

Inspired by the scene in the United States, audiences and participants mostly consist of young people who have been hooked via YouTube to the likes of Taylor Mali and Sarah Kaywho rack up millions of hits while being ignored by the more mainstream forms.

The traditional pub poetry scene and the slam scene exist side-by-side and often intertwine, allowing for the intimate and the showy to co-exist and meet varying needs and tastes.

Slam in particular is opening poetry up to new and younger audiences. People have many preconceptions of what poetry is — and one taste of the scene can defy all that. In that, there is potential. There is also the potential to grow and develop the poetry scene in Melbourne.

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He is the editor of MelbourneSpokenWord.How to Deliver a “Slam Dunk” Presentation I never paid attention to basketball until my hometown team, the Toronto Raptors, had their brief but glorious run in the NBA playoffs.

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writing acronym slam

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