Write a letter to your future college roommate

By Kenneth Bernstein You are a college professor.

Write a letter to your future college roommate

I remember just a short time ago, when I too was purchasing the last few items on my list and anxiously awaiting my first day of college. Dearest Incoming College Freshman, As I head back to campus tomorrow, to my last first day of school, my final year of college, I have a knot in my throat and tears in my eyes.

College, my friend, will be the most beautiful, amazing, and life-shaping experience that you have yet encountered. You will know your campus like the back of your hand in a short time. Like laugh so hard you cry and cry so hard you laugh and turn to them with anything and everything all day or night best friends.

You have to stretch yourself. I mean reallllly stretch yourself. When I arrived on campus my freshman year, I was ridiculously excited, but more than that I was insanely scared. High school had been okay for me, but it was really pretty bad my junior and senior years.

My friends had gone in a very different direction than I wanted to take, leaving me for other things that I wanted no part of. I was nervous the same thing would happen again.

So as an incoming college freshman, I decided that by golly, I was going to make friends. And they were going to be fantastic friends who treated me well.

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And make friends I did. But it was not by accident. I went to every orientation meeting, spent hours at the org. For me, very awkward.

It was an amazing little life that I had created on my campus for myself. I was involved, really involved, in many different groups and organizations on campus. And I had friends. In my classes, on my hall, and in the clubs that I was a part of.

And for the first time in a long time, my soul was happy. And I was truly proud of myself. I lived a life I loved by choice. So to you I say—jump in!

You get to make decisions about friendships and activities based on the type of people you want to be around and what you care about. Talk to the person next to you in class. Be the first to ask your hallmate to lunch. Let me tell you a little story: Over freshman orientation weekend, I was walking down the stairs in the business school, when I noticed that the girl in front of me looked oddly familiar.

I remembered that we were Facebook friends since we were both in the incoming freshman group for our school.

write a letter to your future college roommate

With shaky hands, I tapped her arm and asked her name. She and I have been roommates for two years this will be our third and are inseparable on campus.

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I thank God for a friend like her, and smile knowing that it all began with taking a breath and asking for her name. To study and learn and get a degree. You know what it takes to get the grade you want—do it. You know how long you need to study for your exams—so take time to study.Personal and Professional Letter Samples and Templates.

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