Why gowon cannot write a memoir

Memoir Memoir is hot right now—and has been since, roughly, the rise of the Internet. So perhaps it has occurred to you, the dedicated writer of fictions, that you should try that.

Why gowon cannot write a memoir

But many Nigerians are ignorant of what led to the war and who did what. As from this week, City People will bring you various stories and accounts of the war from different stakeholders in the country at that time. We would also provide accounts from those who have written about the war in the last 50 years.

What did London journalist, John de St. Jorre have to say about the Civil War. Jorre covered the conflict for the London observer and he visited both sides of the fighting line several times.

He is also one of the lucky guys who had access to a lot of materials never published before, which he now published in his famous book The Nigerian Civil War which he first wrote in The officers, immaculately turned out in crisply starched uniforms and gleaming Sam Brownes, were listening intently to an older man, General Ankrah, head of the Ghanaian military government which had ousted Nkrumah almost a year before, who was talking in slow, measured tones.

It was a curious and historic meeting. And even then the participants insisted on flying back to their regional capitals at the end of the first day and returning on the morning of the second. Aburi is probably unique in the annals of historic confrontations.

The entire 2 day proceedings, apart from 2 short breaks, were recorded by the Ghanaians who, afterwards, gave each military governor and Gowon a copy of the tapes. The Eastern government later issued its own in sets of 12 ten-inch long-playing records.

The Aburi meeting was a watershed in the Nigerian crisis.

why gowon cannot write a memoir

Despite the brief moment of euphoria which followed the apparently successful discussions, it was, henceforth, to be downhill all the way. It is vital to see Aburi in the context of the pre-conference state of mind of the principals as well as in the atmosphere of the Nigeria to which they flew back after the champagne toasts and mutual congratulations were over.

Ojukwu came to the meeting from the traumatised and aggrieved Eastern Region, which had already developed something of a siege mentality.

His own position was, however, secure enough as long as he showed no weakness, real or imagined, with the Federal Government; this was one of the reasons why he turned up with a bevy of advisers and the most carefully prepared brief of all.

It is much worse that we move closer and perish in the collision. He came to Aburi to re-write the Nigerian constitution-and largely succeeded. Gowon and the other military governors arrived in Ghana in a very different frame of mind.

Few advisers attended, little detailed preparation was done beforehand and the politicians were kept out of it. General Ankrah, somewhat naively, echoed this in his opening speech: Soldiers are statesmen, he said, and if you could cut the politicians out altogether and leave things to the military men there would be no more wars.

There was an equally firm assumption that, with such an improvement in personal relations, future meetings of the Supreme Military Council in Nigeria would present no difficulty and would, therefore, occur frequently, enabling residual problems to be ironed out.

There was, however, another reason for the amorphous and loosely knit nature of the federal strategy. It is often assumed that Aburi was a straight fight between Ojukwu and the rest; nothing could be further from the truth because, as the records make clear, the Federal camp was both divided and confused.

The West was bitter about the Northern troops still stationed there. The Mid-West was out of line with the North Mid-Westerners had also suffered in the July coup and September massacres and, to a certain extent, with Lagos too.

But did Ojukwu also subscribe to those sentiments?Memoirs should move seamlessly between the sea and the mountain. 1.

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Sorting Out Fact and Truth. When I was young, maybe five or six, my father took me to play in the park, and a dog bit me. I took this memory and developed it into a memoir for a high school writing assignment. Re: Why Gowon Can't Write His Memoir by Katsumoto: pm On Mar 27, Andre Uweh: Ojukwu regularly met with his war time service chiefs and there was no time they discussed surrender.

Re: Why Gowon Can't Write His Memoir by tomakint: am On Mar 29, russellino: Its a wonder and mystery that Yakubu Gowon has never written a memoir about .

Among the psychological benefits: It helps people make sense of their lives. He needs to write those memoirs. If he imagines that the writings of his praise singers like John de St Jorre, Dame Magery Perham and Prof Isama Elaigwu will do, then he is mistaken.

The thing you cannot do when writing memoir is tell a bunch of stories. On the surface, that’s what memoir appears to be, but it’s more than that. Good narrative nonfiction always connects the reader’s heart to a deeper truth.

Rule #3: It Must Be Personal. Don’t make the mistake of thinking memoir is autobiography. It’s not.

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