Where the gods fly afl

Perhaps the football gods will show mercy and send mild weather! It's fitting that this season of scoreboard-spinning -- the Broncos with the highest-scoring team of all time -- should conclude this way.

Where the gods fly afl

We need them both. In an ideal world, everybody would live by the Golden Rule, some form of which can be found in just about every religion.

But we live in a real world where greed is the gospel of many employers. Not until the s did a Democratic-majority New Deal Congress pass legislation giving workers the right to bargain collectively and requiring their employers to recognize unions.

Roosevelt, a Democrat, signed the legislation into law. The landmark bill passed with bipartisan support. Even Republican President Richard Nixon, who was less than labor-friendly, hailed the bill. OSHA was needed because many, if not most, state and local worker safety and health laws were inadequate or were not rigorously enforced.

Before strong unions and meaningful protection for worker safety and health, most workers toiled long hours at low pay in jobs that threatened — and often claimed — life and limb.

A century ago, railroads, mines and factories were slaughterhouses. Many children were among the dead. Child labor was widespread in American industry.


Adults were so poorly paid that boys and girls as young as 10 had to go to work to help their parents make ends meet. Industrialists praised child labor as a godsend. They claimed work taught children responsibility and kept them off the streets and out of trouble.

Also, mine and factory owners saw a practical side to child labor. They could pay children less than grownups.

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They paid women less than men for doing the same job. Many industrialists bragged about how often they went to church. Some said God gave them their money. There was nothing anybody could do — or should do -- about it, they added.

Where the gods fly afl

Social Darwinists said workers were inferior beings; otherwise they would be millionaires. Besides, worker safety and health laws would cost the millionaire industrialists a few bucks. Social Darwinist millionaires had friends in high places.

The plutocrats bankrolled politicians to bust unions and to keep worker safety and health laws off the books or to ensure such laws were toothless. How many union-despising politicians enjoy the largess of rich reactionaries today?

Here a few, all of them well-heeled enough to afford store-bought: Anyway, while employers and their puppet politicians are still fighting organized labor and government safety and health regulations, a lot of the media is still cheerleading for American business and industry.

But come they both did. OSHA did much to improve worker safety and health for all workers, not just union members.The AFL-CIO is a federation that was created in when AFL and CIO merged together.

This federation is a voluntary democratic consisting of 56 unions that . AFL sides get days rest between each of their games, which allows teams to fly to the other side of the country and have time to shake . Aug 23,  · Maybe not the best NOT to play VFL/AFL but other circumstances prevented them from going to the big league.

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As a kid I saw three pleyers that could have made it from my local seniors club Newborough. Frank Butler, 6 foot 6, Ruckman, who could take screamers with the best of them, great ruckman and could kick, very athletic.

The Next AFL Legend. HB Meyers. January 14, Footy History. The Next AFL Legend. HB Meyers.

Our Saviour's Lutheran - Ministries - Youth (FLY) Ministry Zeus is the king of all gods apart from the big three which are Poseidon hades and himselfand the god of sky and thunder.

They called him ‘God’ for a reason, and one look at Gary Ablett’s spectacular finals series emphasizes why. Dec 20, Fly Like an Eagle - The Weight of . The AFL games record-holder received his nickname in the Preston RSL juniors.

“The coach’s wife was handing out the most courageous award and made up the name ‘Little Boomer’ on the spot. Track AFL flight from Zhukovsky International to Zhukovsky International. Flight Tracker (en route flights, arrivals, departures, history) with live maps and aircraft photosAFL. Flight Tracker (en route flights, arrivals, departures, history) with live maps and aircraft photosAFL You can help us keep FlightAware free by allowing ads from.

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