Smore smores please

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Smore smores please

How many times has this happened to you? You toss a handful of twigs on the fire just to hear them cackle, and watch the skin of your marshmallow pucker and expand into tawny brown dimples that let you know it is perfectly cooked.

No one wants guilt flavored smores. Are you wondering right now where the guilt is coming from or are you wondering right now why my friend has such a hairy hair back? Either way, the answer is the same: Best not take any chances.

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Fact of the matter is the chocolate in your smores can kill your pet. A solution has been found…. Ladies and gentlemen, hounds and pooches, I give you: You are dying for a recipe.

That was phrased badly. I mean you should melt the carob chips, not that your personally should melt for 20 seconds.

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Add second dog biscuit. Do not add pretty swirls as in photo unless you too plan to take a photo- your dog does not give a shit. Unless of course you put in too much cream cheese.

Smore smores please

Then your dog will probably give lots of shits. That will end badly for one or both of you. How about just buy a dog smore off the internets! Want to go even fancier? How about…organic dog smores! Now you and your furry friend are ready for the camping trip of a lifetime.

Or the stay at home and eat sweet treats day of the lifetime.

Smore smores please

It does not contain the toxins that are poisonous to dogs, and is allegedly a healthier choco-alternative for people as well.The latest Tweets from s'mores (@SmoresPlease). A good food diary of things I make, bake, cook, eat and share from my kitchen. Instagram @smore_sFollowers: S’more S’mores Please SVG.

This listing is for an INSTANT DOWNLOAD. You can easily create your own projects. Can be used with the cricut and silhouette cutting machines or other machines or programs that accept SVG files. More S'more Please! Toasted Smores Rice Crispy Treats. Loading Manage Toasted Smores Rice Crispy Treats in my favorites, recipe is not saved recipe is saved.

recipe Whole Grain Cereal S'mores Treats (with video) Classic cereal treat meets gooey s’mores in this kid-friendly dessert. Heart-shaped cutters make them perfect for Valentine’s Day. Smore Love Wedding Favor Tags, Smores Tags, Tags only- 48 Tag size is 2 x 2 Fancy Shape Non returnable.

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If this is the case, they will need to DELETE their Smore account and then they will be able to take over your account. You don't have to pitch a tent or befriend a bear to enjoy this campfire treat.

Mini marshmallows add sweet chewiness to our smooth signature cookie dough. We then sprinkle in tons of Belgian dark chocolate chips and crispy graham crackers because in this case, less is . - Watch Your Favorite Content, Engage with Content Creators, and More