Slumdog millionaire cultural aspects

A Taboo Misrepresented Has the Western world really interfered with other countries? Yet, is that the basis of the film?

Slumdog millionaire cultural aspects

Lack of positive aspects of Indian life: However, India has a prominent place in the world history not for these reasons.

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It's not that the movie misrepresented or misinterpreted India but, it doesn't project the positive aspects well enough because, may be the director feels it's not necessary to support his story telling. To me, India is about it's family bondings, inter-personal relationships, music, great educational standards, hard-working people, economic development, balance between classic culture and modernization, technology, great minds, great food There are lots of other good aspects which are not projected well enough maybe they are not needed to support the story of the movie.

It is extremely distressing to see that creators of the movie choose to portray and project a very small part of India as Mahatma Gandhi put it, the sewerage inspectors from the west!

They have completely chosen to ignore the rich cultural heritage, architecture, history, and the philosophy of India! Truly the creators of this movie have come to India as sewerage inspectors and they have probably been good at the job of giving a graphic description of the anatomy of a sewer, which is more or less similar in any part of the world!

Certainly Americans would have a wrong concept and a sense of smugness that India which is emerging as a world power still is in dumps within the country! But all the cons in the slums were shown together. That's my greatest concern. Looking outside the slums there are good things as well.

The 1st thing Americans tell me they think of is of donating money and doing charity work in india. There are a lot of sucessful people in india too. Like lower middle class men who rose up to become Billionaires.

Slumdog millionaire cultural aspects

One thing is for sure, that Indians mainly Asians in general are very hardworking because they know how things are back in their countries so they work hard. This is the reason why Asians are "so smart". Also the indian movie industry is huge, and has the most films released every year. Not all movies are like this.

There are all kinds of genres. This movie only portrays one side of the picture. We Indians have come a long way even though we are a young nation. It important to acknowledge the effort of Non-Profit organization, and civil society is which is empowering vulnerable populations.

It important to see this side of the picture too. We might not have achieved everything because we have limited resources, like financial aids, literate population.

But we will get there and be at par with develop countries soon. Conflicts and riots do occur, but they are very uncommon. Americans who have not traveled outside of their own country, should take the violence, conflicts and corruption in the movie with a pinch of salt.

Slumdog millionaire cultural aspects

These things are part of life in India, but what is shown in the movie is very excessive. India is so diverse in all different aspects such as culture, language, music, traditons, economy caste and a lot different things.

The movie did pretty good job in covering some of them.

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I hope one day all Indians would shine. But I do not want Americans to think that India is all about poverty, corruption, violence, bollywood masala etc. Yes the movie did show the dark side of India.

But I am pretty sure it exists in every country including USA. I just want people to realize the India is also a developing nation that is doing well in almost all fields.

Through My Eyes: Globalization in "Slumdog Millionaire"

Yes we do have our flaws and India needs to do a lot to to improve further. But I am sure there are many things good about India like how we gained our independence and how we still coexist among all the religious and lingual diversity. I am very proud to be an Indian.

I felt the movie could have also tried to show some good things about my country instead of just portraying all the bad stuff that is happening. I just pray to God that my country becomes the best country in this world soon.

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I must also thank you for taking effort to know more about our reactions and also taking interest in my country. There is nothing that you get in America that we do not get in our country.Slumdog Millionaire has a wraparound frame that is quite clever, after a fashion.

Jamal Malik (played, as a grown-up, by Dev Patel) is a “chai-wallah” (tea-boy and general dogsbody) in a Mumbai call centre.

“The movie portrayed the negative side of the cultural, economic and social aspects. However, India has a prominent place in the world history not for these reasons.

However, India has a prominent place in the world history not for these reasons. Summary: Slumdog Millionaire is the first great film of the new “flat world.” “Jamal” (Dev Patel), the hero of Slumdog Millionaire, is a Mumbai teenager who becomes a contestant on the Indian version of the TV game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.

Apr 01,  · Slumdog Millionaire: Dilemma of a New India By Deepak Chopra After its sweeping win at the Oscars last Sunday, Slumdog Millionaire seems like . Custom Slumdog Millionaire essay paper writing service Buy Slumdog Millionaire essay paper online Slumdog millionaire is a movie that is made in the current times but which focuses on flashbacks that show the life of the individuals in the movie.

With vibrant colors, beautiful sounds, and the utter essence of Indian culture, Slumdog Millionaire portrays Mumbai with an expert style.

Mixing the harsh reality of the dangerous streets of the slum, and the childlike faith and positivity of Jamal K. Malik, the result .

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