Similarities between cell phones and pocket pcs

In addition to that similarity, PCs and cell phones are alike in many other ways; for example, both can be used as a form of direct communication. However, there are distinct differences between the two devices.

Similarities between cell phones and pocket pcs

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MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Similar to a cell phone, however, a laptop can be charged and used on battery power. Just like the initial purpose of a cell phone is vocal communication, it is also possible to have live conversations on a PC through programs like Skype.

Both devices also have illuminated screens which display digital information. It is possible to text messages from both a cell phone and a PC. I use Callwave Text Messaging. I found it in the "Add Stuff" section of my google home page.

You can use MSN Messenger and add someone's mobile as a contact.

Similarities between cell phones and pocket pcs

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Voltage Regulation is very important for many applications, and though not an efficeint way to transform power, they are very good at maintaining exact output Voltage levels regardless of input voltage.In order to carry the Pocket PC label the device must meet specific criteria such as use Microsoft's Windows Mobile for Pocket PCs, include a touch screen, include a touchpad, and other specifications.

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•PCs and cell phones are both electronically powered devices, though cell phones require a charged internal battery while desk PCs remain plugged into a wall outlet during use. To know about CDMA and GSM, it is very necessary to know the core features of both technologies. There are some similarities and differences which tells more about what they are and why one is preferred upon the other.

May 30,  · Best Answer: Ok. You asked the similarities. First, both can make phone calls, and they are pocketable. And also we can text or save phone numbers. Both can handle recent call list.

And the biggest different is the pocket computer is a computer with an Status: Resolved. What is the difference between a smartphone and a cell phone? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki.

8 Answers. Pocket PCs features are focused on computing and data tasks with other features, like cellular phone capabilities being secondary to the PDA functions. What .

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