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It was going to be a long day but for me it's just about getting a line wet and always love getting the sis out in the West coast elements. We normally fish the main beach as we have a couple of nice low tide spots, but with the 2.

Muriwai information

Here is an amazing yotube underwater video clip of Cape Gannets diving for sardines by earth-touch. More interesting videos can be found at earth-touch.

Muriwai information

The following youtube clip shows the feeding behaviour of gannets taken from the Northern platform at Muriwai on April 28, ; there were only about 15 chicks left in the colony, a fortnight later all the birds had gone.

Also, it appears that there is greater flying activity when it is windy. Of course, when the wind is really strong, it will be difficult to hold your camera steady; you may then just have to experience the environment and come back for photos another time!

New Zealand Gannet Colony Muriwai Beach | Photo, Information

It pays to bring binoculars; you will see much, much more. Photographers will be wary of the harsh and bland light between, say, 11 a.

Don't forget to look down into the water: Sometimes there are NZ fur Muriwai information basking on the rocks at the foot of Motutara Island. Most of the time you will see surfers taking advantage of the waves, both at Muriwai Beach Northas well as at Maori Bay south.

You may also see some gannets skimming the waves, or just resting on the water. If you are lucky, you will see a gannet dive for food at high speed, from up to 30 metres in near-vertical flight.

I have seen gannets dive, but never at Muriwai. Go down to Maori Bay to take a look at the pillow lava formations in the cliffs above these are lava flows that originated under water.

For a complete change, take a bush walk on the Quarry Track on the other side of Waitea Road. This passes through Nikau groves with big gnarled Puriri trees, and leads to a lovely lookout. Quarry Track leads to Lookout Track, forming a T-intersection: Apart from watching birds in the breeze, you can often also watch model airplanes being flown from spots along the access path to the colony.

The slopes down to Maori Bay are also popular as a launching site for paragliders.

Current Observations

If you need your fix of coffeine or other sustenance, pay a visit to Sand Dunz bottom of Motutara Rd, just before the beach carpark. Between the Waterfront Cafe and Bar and the beach there is also a nice information pavillion.

Exploring the Region's Natural and Historic Heritage. Front cover and pages 31, I wish the authors would have included an index!

A diary of observations

Green, Increase of gannets Morus serrator at Muriwai, Auckland. Takes a wider perspective, but is full of information about the history of Auckland's West Coast.

Of course, this book could benefit from an index, too. Oxford University Press, London, Evening Sunset Eco Tour to Muriwai Beach and Gannet Colony. Discover the black sand beaches and unique views of Auckland’s West Coast.

Explore Muriwai Beach from three different viewing spots with amazing photo opportunities. Marvel at the Gannet breeding colony. Greenstone Muriwai Limited was started on 11 Dec and issued an NZBN of This registered LTD company has been managed by 3 directors: Mark David West - an active director whose contract started on 11 Dec For more information, go to Please be aware that this information may have been sourced from REINZ/Property Guru/Land Information New Zealand/Christchurch City Council/Cera and we have not been able to verify the accuracy of the same.

Piha Beach Piha is one of Auckland’s most popular surfing beaches – but its size means it never feels crowded. Take a surf lesson, refuel at the café and stretch your legs afterwards on one of the local walks. Climb Lion Rock, Piha’s most iconic landmark, and see the Māori carving.

May 02,  · Sand dunes form when wind erodes and transports sediment up a beach and deposits them on an obstacle like like driftwood or vegetation. The sand can be trans.

Welcome to Houghtons Bush Camp. Houghtons Bush Camp, Muriwai Beach, is conveniently located just 40 minutes from downtown Auckland; and yet it’s a world away.

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