Meow lol

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Meow lol

Meow is a very soft fragrance but perfectly soft and comforting. It is not as sweet as many other similar gourmands i. Perfect for lounging around the house to surround yourself with something cozy. I feel like many people will think this is purely vanilla and sweet, but on my skin, I get orange blossom and gardenia the most with vanilla undertones and some sharp sweetness from Meow lol pear.

In the distance, there is a gardenia tree in a fancy planter. That is what this scent makes me think of. I love vanilla though so works for me! After about an hour post-spraying, it seems that is disappears, but then I get wafts of it Meow lol moving around. I just wish it were a little stronger, but understand that a light creamy white floral celebrity scent might be difficult to make long-lasting.

This is suitable for all ages, but think younger girls would especially love it because of the cute pink cat bottle which I also really love at 27 years old.

Dec jayneybaby86 This was the first Katy Perry fragrance I purchased and it is a beautiful sweet fragrance and I think it is suitable for all ages. I am 31 and wear it often. If you like sweet gourmand fragrances then I recommend you get this. It is a wonderful, soft and creamy vanilla scent.

Dreamy, beautiful and affordable!

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Dec pinkalpaca A delicious, perfect scent for those who crave something sweet, no wonder it is so beloved. The bottle is pretty for a cate lover like me, it looks and feels less cheap and more classy in real life than in photos.

The only problem is that it tends to fall apart, the cap, the charm, so you gotta be careful, but that is not a big issue. Dec ladyjm89 Meow is sweet, but not sickening.

The only complaint I have is that on my skin it only lasted an hour or two before vanishing into nothing more than a faint hint of fruity vanilla. Dec merna This fragrance is an underrated work of pure art Not my cup of tea, TBH. Smells exactly like Mad Potion, but with fruitier notes.

I highly prefer Purr over this one: Nov Burgundy Jayde This purrfume is as delightful as a five star restaurant dessert. It has a sweet but has a very delicate scent. It is one of the softest gourmand scents ever!

Meow lol

It is a fluffy scent. I imagine a pink angora fluffy top being sprayed with it.

This fragrance can be worn anytime of the year because its so soft and innocent. In the summer its sweet and soft and leaves a satisfying aura of fruits such as strawberries, pears and cherries topped with whipped cream.A website to remember.

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