Learning disabilities essay papers

Possessive 's The girl's book. Order of acquisition In the s, several studies investigated the order in which learners acquired different grammatical structures. Furthermore, it showed that the order was the same for adults and children, and that it did not even change if the learner had language lessons.

Learning disabilities essay papers

The term does not include children who have learning disabilities, which are primarily the result of visual, hearing, or motor handicaps, of mental retardation, or emotional disturbance, or of environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantage.

Department of Education,p.

Learning disabilities essay papers

The discrepancy requirement has resulted in a mandate for how children are to be tested for a learning disability. The assessment battery always includes a standard individual intelligence test, such as the WISC-III, and an individual achievement test.

The individual achievement test is given one-on-one, unlike the usual school-based standardized achievement test administered in a group setting.

This allows for much more diagnostic information to be collected regarding the kinds of errors being made, rather than simply knowing which items were wrong. What this means is that a child with a learning disability is performing at a lower level than would be expected based on his or her general intellectual ability.

This is not a rare problem.

Learning disabilities essay papers

Between 4 and 5 percent of all U. Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with learning disabilities than girls, by a ratio of about three to two. Most learning disabilities belong to one of two broad categories: The most common form of verbal learning disability is dyslexia, which results in trouble recognizing or processing letters and the sounds they make.

A common myth about dyslexia is that it causes people to reverse letters and numbers or to see them backwards, but those reversals are actually a normal part of language development, and are just as common in children without dyslexia.

Dyslexia used to be blamed on everything from laziness to innate stupidity to poor vision, but it is now fairly widely acknowledged to be a neurological problem with a probable genetic cause, as it clearly runs in families.

This is supported by PET scan studies see Brain Imaging Techniques that have shown that different parts of the brain are active when people with dyslexia read compared to people without dyslexia. Dyslexia is not the only kind of verbal learning disability.

Whereas dyslexia is a disorder that primarily affects ability to read, dysgraphia refers to learning disabilities that primarily affect writing ability. Like dyslexia, dysgraphia is now widely acknowledged to be a neurological disorder with a probable genetic component.

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Within that category, mathematical learning disabilities are often referred to as dyscalcula. Dyscalcula involves problems with learning fundamentals of math and one or more of the basic numerical skills.

This may involve a variety of neurological underpinnings because mathematical skills depend on both the obvious accurate visual processing and motor skills and the not so obvious memory, language comprehension, planning skills.

This occurs because a learning disability can easily have an adverse effect on both the achievement measures and the intelligence tests to which they are to be compared. Consider children with a nonverbal learning disability. There is no reason to expect that such children would consistently perform well on the nonverbal portions of the IQ test, yet if they perform poorly both on those and on the nonverbal measures of the achievement test, they will be judged not to have a learning disability by virtue of having performed poorly on both.

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It is the result of meetings by the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities NJCLDmade up of representatives from eight national organizations interested in learning disabilities.This paper discusses the different types of learning disabilities and the placement options in a public schools.

BODY Before a child is ever considered for special education they are evaluated by a teacher, principal, and/or a healthcare professional. Learning disability can be considered as a living problem with which almost one in every seven person has problem with and about which we are hardly aware of.

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