Essay about the teacher

May Adults lie constantly to kids. There may also be a benefit to us. We were all lied to as kids, and some of the lies we were told still affect us.

Essay about the teacher

Short Essay on Teacher: Teachers serve the society by instructing and guiding countless students through the different stages of their growth. They prepare them to take on the world which they are a part of.

Essay about the teacher

He must be his friend stirring him clear from murky waters, he must be his guide helping him find his true calling in life, and he must be a philosopher enlightening his young audience about the ways of the world. In their childhood years apart from their mothers, children spend maximum time with their teachers.

At this stage in their lives children are like clay waiting to be moulded into works of art. They are waiting to soak up every experience, every word.

Teacher Essay Topics

A teacher carries a big responsibility on his shoulders-the job of shaping the thoughts of the minds of the future. It is their goal to raise the kids to be good citizens and good human beings.

In the early years when the student is first exposed to people outside his family, he is scared and frightened. He hopes to find in his teacher a friend who will function as his surrogate mother away from home. He is also looking for someone with authority to lead the way.

As the students grow the teachers play a very important role in shaping the students future. The seeds are sown when the mind is young. It is the teacher who must now not only help the student decipher the facts and the figures, he must be his confidant and his counsel. It is important that a teacher befriend his students because students respond better to friendship than to authority.

If the student perceives his teacher as his friend he will not be hesitant in airing his doubts. A friend is someone who understands you and someone you can depend on.

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If the teacher assumes the role of a friend, learning will no longer be a task but a pleasure. The growing up years are very painful for students.

The raging hormones of youth often place them in a quandary. Often, they just need someone to let them know that no matter how messed up things may seem they will turn out alright in the end. His encouragement and support could mean the world to the student.

Students are deeply impressed by their teachers, and are prone to emulate their characteristics. A popular teacher becomes the ultimate role model for his pupils. He is their ideal. The teacher has the power to stir a wayward youth away from danger and the power to guide a youth to achieve his goals.

He has the power to inculcate the ideals of patriotism in the minds of the young students.Vantage Learning creates Adaptive Learning Environments® to support student achievement and school improvement.

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Essay about the teacher

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