Ericssons marketing strategy in china essay

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Ericssons marketing strategy in china essay

Read more This paper is based on past surveys of Chinese business opinion in the two key cities of Beijing and Shanghai, comprising in-depth interviews with business owners and senior purchasers.

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Companies were divided into quotas to ensure a cross-section of different types of manufacturing and service companies. The principal aim of this paper is to dispel some of the myths propagated about Chinese business, and explore the reasons behind both successful and unsuccessful marketing and sales approaches in China.

Ericssons marketing strategy in china essay

Chinese Attitudes Towards Marketing And Sales When discussing Chinese attitudes towards marketing and sales, it is important to make the distinction between the different types of companies operating in China.

Marketing staff employed by western multinationals typically have more heightened awareness of marketing concepts than local Chinese companies, often employing expatriates or returnee overseas students with MBAs in senior marketing positions.

With such large variations in marketing practices among different types of companies in China, foreign companies are best advised to take a flexible approach to sales and marketing.

Commonly, marketing is viewed as a task for the sales department, its role sometimes viewed as little more than taking care of the company logo and brochures. Figure 1 — The 4Ps of Marketing In contrast to some Western markets, the salesperson and more broadly the principle of selling are more widely respected in China.

Two issues perhaps lie at the core of this fact: A good salesman must be adept at forging not only relationships, but also friendships with potential customers. The importance of relationship-building tends to imply a long sales process, requiring of salespeople patience, continual learning and an on-the-ground presence.

In order to appreciate how good Western companies are at targeting potential Chinese customers, it is worthwhile considering how Chinese companies prefer to be targeted by potential suppliers. As in other markets, the answer to this question is that a wide range of marketing and sales techniques can work, and usually a combination of different methods is necessary.

Figure 2 illustrates the general view of the Chinese business community: Figure 2 — Communicating With Chinese Clients Conferences And Exhibitions In many Western markets, conferences and exhibitions are often derided as a waste of time and money.

In Asia, and particularly China, nothing could be further from the truth. In most industries and market sectors, attendance at exhibitions, conferences and similar events can be essential for any company looking to achieve substantial or sustained success in China.

Such events are an excellent way of making initial contact with customers, and can also be a good means of moving a potential sales relationship forward relatively quickly. The events are an opportunity for potential customers to ask questions, and have the advantage of establishing the face-to-face contact which Chinese buyers value so much.

More importantly, they help to persuade buyers that companies are committed to the local market, by virtue of the fact that they have physically devoted the time and expense to be there.

All big cities have conference and exhibition centres Beijing has seven, for example and details of their events can be found simply by contacting the centres directly or looking at their websites. Figure 3 — www. The size and scope of these exhibitions varies greatly, and it is advisable to do some background research before deciding which exhibition to attend.

Looking over exhibitor lists from past exhibitions is a useful way of gauging the profile of an exhibition. Similarly, the location of an exhibition is often significant.

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While the larger, more influential expos tend to be located in Tier 1 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, exhibitions located in Tier 2 and 3 cities are more likely to have a higher proportion of smaller local companies than multinationals.

Similarly, exhibitions located near to industry clusters are likely to have more key industry players in attendance. It is also worthwhile remembering that exhibitions are an indirect form of marketing and seldom result in immediate sales leads in the short term.

The benefits of attending such exhibitions can seem frustratingly intangible to Western companies, since there is no way to assess their true impact on sales. It may be the case that Chinese businesspeople are culturally disposed to over-emphasise the importance of trade shows and exhibitions, although it is also the case that companies that fail to attend key exhibitions can create a negative impression with customers just by virtue of being absent.

Email Email is now the primary means of communication for any Chinese company that regularly deals with foreign customers or suppliers. Email is extremely important at all stages of the sales process, but particularly at the introduction stage — Chinese buyers tend to react positively to a well-structured, personalised email as a prelude to a more detailed face-to-face discussion.

As such, most Chinese companies have a website and are increasingly using online and digital marketing as the principal means through which they communicate with their customers. An informative homepage is therefore an unmet need that Western companies are well placed to Marketing Strategy of China Southern Airline Essay China Southern Airline is the world's sixth-largest airline measured by passengers carried, and Asia's largest airline in terms of both fleet size and passengers carried.

Appointed the group's Marketing Director following a short consultancy contract in Direction of six brands spanning retail and hospitality, across all media and channels including end to end concept development & production of a bespoke pop-up concept, and amplification through bought & earned media Client Service Director at The .

The SWOT analysis must take into ac count product offering, distribution methods, marketing communications, manufacturing options, financing and management from a global perspective, specific to China.

Nescafe’s Global Strategy. Nescafe has build a strong brand equity through the use of aggressive marketing strategies globally. Each country/region’s Nescafe forms its own strategy to effectively target its audience and generate sales accordingly for the profitability and growth of the company.

However, in the spirit of an essay, let me offer some uninformed thoughts on a question involving such superintelligence based on my experience thinking about a different area.

Hopefully, despite my ignorance, this experience will offer something new or at least explain one approach in a new way.

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