Counterfeit products

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Counterfeit products

A comment from Mr. Unfortunately all the security labels we tested at that time came loose from a filter due to tough usage condition such as the high temperature at to degrees Celsius and getting fuel and water on the label.

In this way we always work with Fujifilm and plan to take measures to the other automobile parts and extend further to the Asian markets besides China in the near future. To protect HINO brand and reduce sales loss in China In the Chinese market, there were a lot of counterfeit products of automobile parts.

Customers purchased counterfeit products without knowing that they were fake ones, which affected the sales of genuine products. When counterfeit products are installed to an automobile, the engine troubles sometimes might occur. This problem also might damage HINO brand.

So the measures against counterfeit products were highly needed. So high heat resistance was required to the security labels we were looking for. Even when problems occur in the Chinese market and we need to deal with them, we can easily figure out if the products are genuine or fake, which leads to an enhanced HINO brand.

A comment of Mr. To reduce brand damage Last years we found lots of counterfeit fishing rods in the market and the amount was increased. When customers purchase and use counterfeit products without knowing, firstly we loose the sales opportunities of our genuine product.

When we expand our business to outside Japan, the countermeasure in advance is certainly needed for some countries. Our customers could not discriminate genuine products from fake products at shops especially in China due to a presence of lots of fake products on shelves in the shops.

Seriously Power Support Corporation hereinafter: PSC were looking for strong countermeasure to counterfeit products.

To protect brand and prevent sales declining in China, Asia, Europe and U. PSC develops products based on Japanese manufacturing technology and sell products by promoting its high quality in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. For several years PSC succeeded to make a difference from fakes in the design of products and packages and they worked.

Recently poor-quality fake product in well design-copied package came into market and the amount of this largely increased.

This problem was really serious especially in the Chinese market so PSC was looking for an effective countermeasure against the counterfeit products. Counterfeit manufacturers cannot produce a copy of security label at least 10 years.

Counterfeit consumer goods - Wikipedia

Customers can easily distinguish genuine from fake security label by themselves. PSC can establish a sales channel with new security label. Easy verification through viewer by customers. Customized viewer can establish exclusive distribution channel for PSC. PSC continues to protect brand and boost our sales.

Also PSC will establish exclusive distribution channel to give safe and stable product supply to our customers. Fujifilm made us various proposals and responded quickly to our requests in a short term, which made me happy. Fujifilm works in research and development in many fields.

Counterfeit products

So I often discuss my ideas with their sales representatives. To offer genuine products to customers and protect brand image from counterfeit products. As for sportswear, it is hard to tell whether the sportswear is genuine or not simply by looking at.

And the distribution of counterfeit products would cause a lot of problems to customers.

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So I felt that the strong countermeasures must be introduced to stop those problems. Moreover I was concerned about not only lost opportunities for genuine products, but also brand damage. Although YONEX had used a security tag with special types of ink sincethe ink became unavailable and we could easily foresee that a counterfeiting ring would make a fake security tag almost identical to a real security tag.

High authenticity, anticounterfeit feature, heat resistance and water resistance. In overseas markets, there were many shops which sold counterfeit products. Expansion to other products besides sportswear. Krongthip Innovation Introduction background: To protect against counterfeit and parallel imported products The Krongthip Innovation is the official distributor of some European branded shoes in Japan.Be aware of fakes of Defi products.

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Counterfeit consumer goods - Wikipedia

Recently, package-copied products and fake products which our trademarks (Defi logo and others) and address are put in are sold in the marketplace around the world. WINNING THE BATTLE AGAINST COUNTERFEIT SEMICONDUCTOR PRODUCTS A report of the SIA Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force August If you use a counterfeit or uncertified Lightning accessory, you could see these issues: Your iOS device could become damaged; The cable might be easily damaged.

A new consumer report shows over a quarter of online shoppers are unknowingly buying makeup dupes and faux beauty goods. The word counterfeit frequently describes both the forgeries of currency and documents, as well as the imitations of items such as clothing, handbags, shoes, pharmaceuticals, aviation and automobile parts, watches, electronics (both parts and finished products), software, works of art, toys, and movies.

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