Amateur radio intermediate test papers

You'll be presented with 35 multiple-choice questions for the ham test, and you must get 26 correct to pass the test.

Amateur radio intermediate test papers

Vernal, Utah Home Ph: Main Street Vernal, Utah Schedule: Previously fourth Friday of each month at 6: Currently suspended Amateur radio intermediate test papers want of additional VEs.

Preregistration at least a week in advance required. These are only necessary if they give you credit for elements beyond those required for your current license and are less than one year old. Also, if you claim credit for a license held in the past for example, Element 3 credit for a Technician license issued prior to March 21,then you must bring either a photocopy of that license or a certification from the FCC that you held such a license.

A calculator Optional — but if it is programmable you must show that the program memory is cleared. It is not allowed to access cell phones during the test for their calculator function. If you need a calculator, bring separate one along.

Amateur radio intermediate test papers

It may be advantageous for you to register with the FCC before taking your first license test. It will save you from having to give your social security number to the VE team and it will pave the way for later on-line filings for such things as address changes and license renewals.

ULS makes it possible for people who hold licenses to make filings on-line without the need to obtain paper forms and mail them back. ULS will accept applications for address change, renewal, or vanity call signs.

In order to use ULS, you must be registered. There are two ways this can happen: Manual registration can be done on-line by going to the FCC's web site.

Auto-registration happens any time you file a paper application with the FCC such as at an examination session and are not already registered. If you register manually on-line, you will have the opportunity to choose a password.

You can then use this password for any future on-line filings you wish to make. It would be well to save your password where you will be able to find it in ten years when your license comes up for renewal. If you are registered automatically, the FCC will assign a password and should mail it to you after your license is issued.

You may then go online and change it to one of your own choice. If you already hold a license, you may or may not be registered depending on how recent your last FCC filing was.

Enter your callsign in the appropriate box on the form that comes up next. If you find you are registered but you do not know your ULS password, you can request that your password be reset by going to https: Registering is done on-line and is reasonably quick and simple.

It entails giving the FCC your Taxpayer Identification Number which for an individual is your social security number and connecting it with any license s you may now have.

To register, go to http: Just follow the link and follow instructions. If you have trouble, it may be helpful to read the detailed instructions available on the ARRL web site at http: You can register with ULS even if you do not yet hold a license.


When you attend a test session, you can enter this number in lieu of your social security number on the application form. Previously, a new licensee could not operate until his printed license arrived by mail.

If you have recently passed the test for a new license or an upgrade, you can find out your new callsign and start operating as soon as it has been issued. Start checking about five days after the exam session.

Here are ways to check: Enter your last name, a comma, and your first name.Maryland Mobileers Amateur Radio Club. Search this site. Home. ARES RACES. Badges.

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Board of Directors. Calendars. 1 - MMARC. If you are taking your first amateur radio exam and you do not have an FRN by the time you leave the exam session, The FCC will not automatically mail a paper license with a new, modified, or renewed grant.

If you. May 28,  · The first Intermediate Class amateur radio examination in Thailand for almost eight years (the previous exam had been conducted by the Post and Telegraph Dep.

Operation of an amateur station requires an amateur operator license grant from the FCC. For individuals entering the amateur service, or upgrading their license operator class, there are three classes of license, each authorizing privileges corresponding to the qualifications required.

One paper on basic electronics, and one one the radio operating procedures. The last exam is one on Morse. When I wrote the exam nearly 6 years back it was sending and receiving Morse at 5 words/minute speed.

4 letters is generally taken as a word. Lincoln Short Wave Club - Bringing amateur radio to the community The first named invigilator was in trepidation mode for her first ‘on-line’ examination; would everything be as straight forward as the paper .

Now that you have your amateur radio licence and have gained experience operating, it may be time for you to move on to an Intermediate licence.

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The Intermediate licence carries with it more privileges and also more responsibilities on you as a radio amateur. The Intermediate Course. Your exam paper is marked on the spot by the.

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