Act writing prompts 2013

Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes. Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it.

Act writing prompts 2013

But you do need to know something. A lot of somethings. You have to know the basics before you begin, but you also need to know much more than just the basics. The basics are necessary but not sufficient. They should make you crave more—want to know more and try more.

Writing basics are only the doorway. Think of writing and fiction basics as the foyer and front hallway of a mansion, the space you have to walk through to get to all that lies beyond. There are plenty of rooms leading off from that foyer, rooms with different purposes and setups.

And rooms are built above, supported by the hallway beneath and the rooms attached to it. The same is true of stories written by writers who know too little about the craft.

The story structure will be lacking necessities, like a house missing a bathroom or kitchen or closets. Maybe characters come and go without reason. Maybe dialogue is simply laughable because the writer has no idea how to fashion believable conversations between characters. Maybe characters act without motivation, fail to react to story events, have no logical relation to one another.

Maybe setting details are missing or maybe they overwhelm the action. Maybe time is jumbled, with no logic in terms of when events take place.

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Maybe the story is filled with every common fiction error because the writer had no knowledge of how to avoid even the most basic errors. There are many ways to mess up stories, so many pitfalls for the writer who is ignorant of craft and lacks both skills and experience.

But no writer needs to remain ignorant, not today. Not when so many resources are available. Nor is my intent to discourage editors who have only a little experience. What I do want to do is encourage writers and editors of every level to learn more, to enhance their skills.

To not try to pass themselves off as knowledgeable and skilled if they are neither. To recognize that writing a novel—and editing a novel—requires more than the ability to string words into sentences. Take advantage of that availability and learn.

You can only remain ignorant for so long concerning your field if you plan to continue in it for a lifetime. Or even if you simply want to test yourself, see if you can do it. Learn about literary analysis and composition, Shakespeare and medieval literature, contemporary fiction and poetry and literary theory.

Act writing prompts 2013

Get all the knowledge you can. Or give yourself an education. Read books on fiction writing, join a writing group, take Internet classes. Read novels of every genre from every age and analyze them to see what makes them work.

Or do both, go to school and study on your own.

Act writing prompts 2013

In addition to educating yourself, read more. Read novels and short stories and poetry and magazines. Read newspapers if you can find them. Read opinion pieces and essays and the dictionary.1 Be Prompt! Do it Now!

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A Day of Gandhi once said, “The power to question is the basis of all human progress.” Embrace that power by spending a full day or week coming up with questions connected to everyone and everything around you. Rather than asking about high school life (as the old ACT Writing prompts did), the current ACT essay prompts ask students to consider how changes in the world today affect all humanity, forcing the students to place the issue in a broader context.

Without limiting the “absolute rewrite” to mystery genres, the rule might help alleviate issues modern “superior literature” suffers, namely over-writing pretentious, silly, wordy, pseudointellectual verbiage masquerading as worthwhile fiction.

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